HIV/AIDS is not simply a pandemic that is happening in some other part of the world.  It affects people that you know, people that you love, people in North Carolina, people in the Triad and people in your neighborhood.


Numbers Living with HIV Disease

  • Davidson – HIV = 236; AIDS = 84
  • Davie – HIV = 30; AIDS = 16
  • Forsyth – HIV = 1,385; AIDS = 499
  • Iredell – HIV = 135; AIDS = 56
  • Rowan – HIV = 234; AIDS = 92
  • Yadkin – HIV = 26; AIDS = 15




2013 Map showing HIV cases in NC.


  • As of December 2013, the cumulative number of people first diagnosed with HIV disease in North Carolina was 42,889.
  • As of December 2013, an estimated 36,300 people were living with HIV disease (including 6,500 who may not be aware of their infection.
  • The majority of new infection occur among 20-29 year olds. Nearly 20% of new infections in 2013 were among adolescent males – 13-24 years of age



2013 Map Showing HIV cases in the US.

2013 Map Showing HIV cases in the US.


  • There are approximately 1.1 million people living with HIV in the U.S.
  • Almost one-fifth of those do not know they are infected.
  • An estimated 50,000 new HIV infections occur each year in the U.S.
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, 1.7 million Americans have been infected and more than 650,00 have died from AIDS-related causes



  • More than 35 million people are now living with HIV
  • 3.4 million are under the age of 15
  • In 2013, an estimated 2.1 million people were newly infected with HIV
  • Every day more than 5,700 people contract HIV – nearly 240 every hour
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, nearly 78 million people have contracted HIV and close to 39 million have died of AIDS-related causes

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