Stories that Shape Us - The Keys

Often, people ask us about our jobs here at Positive Wellness Alliance. They ask why we chose this line of work and if we ever find it difficult to work in such an emotionally demanding industry. Here is just one example of why we love our jobs and what brings us back each morning.

Charlene McKay, Medical Case Manager at the Winston office, shared this story about a time when a client impacted her life. It's moments like these when you know you're exactly where you're supposed to be, doing the work that you were meant to do!

The Keys

Have you ever been getting ready to go somewhere and could not find your keys? What would you do if you lost your keys for a few days? Most of us would be lost.

About five years ago, I was facilitating a group focusing on finding balance and did an icebreaker for an opener.  I put all sorts of random items on the floor and asked each participant to pick an item that represented a time in their life when they felt out of balance. 

One man picked up a set of keys.  When asked why, he stated, "I am homeless and I have no keys. I have nowhere to live, no job and no car. I have nothing. These keys represent the life that I lost due to drugs." 

That moment will forever be seared in my mind. Our keys represent the things that hold our lives together. They represent our stability and symbolize responsibility. I never looked at my set of key the same way again. Even when we misplace our keys it's not the same as losing the things they unlock! 

-Charlene McKay

Medical Case Manager for 6 years

Positive Wellness Alliance