How I Give Back - Ryan Jones

When we talk about giving and donations, we usually think first of money. Though organizations like Positive Wellness Alliance depend on monetary support from our friends and family, we also depend on our Board of Directors and their donation of something that money cannot buy... the donation of their time. Our Board of Directors is comprised of women and men in our local community who strive to not only see the bigger picture, but also to be an officer of change and hope. Here is an article written by one of our board members about why she serves. 


How I Give Back


For the last four years I have been a proud board member for Positive Wellness Alliance. I was introduced to PWA after my "initiation" into the nonprofit world as a new employee of Communities In Schools of Lexington/Davidson County. I saw joining the PWA board as a way for me to play a bigger role within the local network of organizations serving others and bringing stability to this community as a whole. The mission of PWA in particular resonated strongly with me. 
Much like the work that brings me joy every day at Communities In Schools, PWA's mission extends beyond the hurdles faced by individuals and instead acknowledges the impact of HIV on entire families and their extended networks. 
As a board member for PWA, I am given a unique opportunity to work on the front lines of eradicating stigma related to this disease. It is my hope that in turn we can create an environment that sees less new contractions as well as increased compassion for those already living with positive status. 
This is the root of my passion for PWA - the chance to be part of a movement toward increased sexual, emotional, and environmental health for every community we serve. 
-Ryan Jones
Executive Director - Communities in Schools of Lexington/Davidson County
Board Member - Positive Wellness Alliance