A Brief History of PWA

Positive Wellness Alliance is a community-based AIDS Service Organization serving Davidson, Forsyth, Yadkin, Rowan, Iredell and Davie counties.

Positive Wellness Alliance began in 1992 as the AIDS Advisory Council of Davidson County.  In 2001, the name was changed to Positive Wellness Alliance (PWA) in an effort to remove the stigma and discrimination evident in the original name.  The agency was formed when members of the community became alarmed with the high HIV infection rate in Davidson County.  As a result, a monthly support group for people living with HIV/AIDS was started.  PWA provided transportation for clients to attend support groups and medical appointments. Clients in Davidson County could contact case management agencies in Winston-Salem via telephone.  Those agencies also held office hours in Lexington a half day per week.  In 1994 PWA incorporated services and expanded to have an office in Lexington full-time.  Funding was secured to hire an Executive Director to be responsible for management of daily operations, including development, fundraising, and the provision of case management.  Growing numbers of HIV infections in Davidson County made it apparent that PWA needed a full-time case manager.  This position was created and filled in August of 2001.

In early 2004, PWA decided to expand its HIV Case Management program into Forsyth, Yadkin and Davie Counties.  The agency received funding for one year from the Winston-Salem Foundation to hire a full-time case manager for Forsyth County.  As a result, the agency has had a satellite office in Winston-Salem since October 2004. This position is dedicated solely to serving people in Forsyth and Yadkin counties.  In 2010, our HOPWA contract with the state allowed PWA to expand its service area into Iredell and Rowan Counties.

We started serving one county in the early nineties and have grown to provide much needed services in eight counties.  Medical case management, housing, outreach and preventive education continue to be our cornerstones for services and support for people infected with and affected by HIV disease.  Our talented staff includes an Executive Director, Program Manager, Program Development Manager,  four Medical Case Managers, and two Housing Case Managers.  Our combined years of experience equal over 30 years! Among the current staff there exists a broad range of educational background including social work, sociology, counseling, substance abuse, child development, interdisciplinary studies, education, communication and business.  In addition, all staff members have received extensive specialized HIV education and training.  We continue to strive to make a difference in the lives of our clients.