Because of you, the advocate...


Alicia Diggs started here at Positive Wellness Alliance as a Medical Case Manager for Davidson County but she has a very distinguished list of other titles as well; Board Member at NC AIDS Action Network, CEO and Founder of I Will Live, Author of Standing on my Healing- From Tainted to Chosen", Humanitarian, Public Speaker and finally ADVOCATE. She has helped those of us working in this field better understand what it's like as a person living positive and helped us grow as professionals in this field. Here's what one of her co-workers has to say...

Alicia Diggs is the most graceful and lovely human being that has walked on this earth in a very long time. It is as if she has a constant stream of peace within her soul that can calm yet still illuminate a crowded room. She has a bachelors degree. She has a Master’s degree. She will have her PhD soon. She is always truthful and has an uncanny ability to bring forward the positive light in every situation. No matter the time of day or what is happening in her personal life, Alicia will always lend a helping hand to a friend in need. Because of her support my confidence as a woman has grown. Because of her acceptance, I do not question my identity. Because of her support, I do not feel alone. Because of her tenacity, I WILL get my PhD. Because of her kindness, I can trust again. Because of her grace, beauty, and peace…every person in this world deserves to meet and know this unbelievable woman.

Megan Howard  M.B.A

Medical Case Manager

Positive Wellness Alliance