Christmas is just around the corner. We are excited to announce that Positive Wellness Alliance (pwa) will continue our tradition of ensuring all of the children of our clients, as well as our client who are children themselves, have a very Merry Christmas.  

PWA hopes to provide Christmas for 85 children. Their ages range from 1 to 18 years old. most need clothing, toys, and educational tools to add warmth and joy to their holidays. 

We would love to have sponsors adopt children by December 7th, 2018. This will avail us the opportunity to manage gift disbursements before December 17th to ensure all children and families receive their items before the holidays. after you complete the sponsor form, we will be in touch with you by or before December 7th with information regarding the child or children.  

We suggest a spending limit of $50.00. however, the cost is your discretion. Please wrap the gifts and deliver them to our office by Monday, December 17th. please feel free to bring the gifts by either office. as the gifts come in, we will match and prepare them for delivery or pick-up beginning December 17th.

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